Shiawassee River Water Monitoring Program

Keepers of the Shiawassee routinely collects samples of the macro-invertebrate population of the river, in a partnership with Genesee County Drain Commissioner, to help evaluate the health of the river ecosystem.

Friends of the Shiawassee’s Stream Monitoring Program is almost identical to our program at Keepers. They have an excellent overview of the program at the link.

We are always looking for volunteers to help and learn on our river monitoring collection days which are usually in spring and fall. The dates  can be found on our events calendar. We also post updates on the Keepers of the Shiawassee Water Monitoring Facebook group.


Macroinvertabrate life on the river

Water Monitoring Site Scores by Site/Date

Score Rating:   >48 = Excellent    |    34-48 = Good    |    19-33.9 = Fair    |    <19 = Poor

Site NameSeasonDateLocation CoordinatesScoreHabitat Assessments
Downtown LindenFall 202309/30/2342.814206, -83.72261052.2Yes
Downtown LindenSpring 202304/30/2342.814206, -83.72261031.8Yes
Downtown LindenFall 202209/24/2242.814206, -83.72261034.0Yes
Downtown LindenFall 202110/16/2142.814206, -83.72261040.4Yes
Downtown LindenSpring 202104/26/2142.814206, -83.72261037.0Yes
Downtown LindenFall 202010/07/2042.814206, -83.72261039.7Yes
Downtown LindenFall 202010/07/2042.814206, -83.72261039.7Yes
Downtown LindenSpring 202005/07/2042.814206, -83.72261028.9Yes
Downtown LindenFall 201909/19/1942.814206, -83.72261030.3Yes
Downtown LindenSpring 201905/19/1942.814206, -83.72261022.0Yes
Duffield Rd, Argentine TwpFall 202210/09/2242.816587, -83.89539925.6Yes
Duffield Rd, Argentine TwpSpring 202105/02/2142.816587, -83.89539934.6Yes
Fenton, S Long Lake RdFall 202010/07/2042.815508, -83.72524228.2Yes
Fenton, S Long Lake RdFall 202010/07/2042.815508, -83.72524228.2Yes
Fenton, S Long Lake RdSpring 202005/13/2042.815508, -83.72524231.1Yes
Rackham Park, FentonFall 202309/30/2342.795205, -83.70599049.2Yes
Rackham Park, FentonSpring 202304/30/2342.795205, -83.70599034.9Yes
Rackham Park, FentonFall 202209/24/2242.795205, -83.70599037.9Yes
Rackham Park, FentonFall 202110/16/2142.795205, -83.70599028.8Yes
Rackham Park, FentonSpring 202104/26/2142.795205, -83.70599031.2Yes
Shiawassee Dr, Argentine TwpSpring 201905/19/1942.811035, -83.88221926.6Yes
Yellow River, S Br ShiawasseeFall 202210/09/2242.798070, -83.90857031.1Yes
Yellow River, S Br ShiawasseeSpring 202105/02/2142.798070, -83.90857033.3Yes
Water Monitoring Scores.xlsx